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yazd, iran yazd, yazd iran, iran
  • Iran
  • Yazd
  • 129,285 km
  • +3:30 UTC
  • IRR
  • AZD
  • Persian
  • 1 Milion

General Information About Yazd

The word Yazd means, feast and worship, the city of Yazd has resisted the modern urbanization changes and maintained its traditional structure. The geographical features of this region have made people developed special architectural styles. For this reason, in the older part of the city most houses are built of mud-bricks and have domed roofs. These materials served as insulation preventing heat from passing through.

History and Culture

The city has a history of over 3,000 years, dating back to the time of the Median Empire, when it was known as Ysatis (or Issatis). The present city name has however been derived from Yazdegerd I, a Sassanid ruler. The city was definitely a Zoroastrian center during Sassanid times. After the ArabIslamic conquest of Persia, many Zoroastrians fled to Yazd from neighboring provinces. By paying a levy, Yazd remained Zoroastrian even after its conquest, and Islam only gradually became the dominant religion in the city.

Because of its remote desert location and the difficulty of approach, Yazd had remained largely immune to large battles and the destruction and ravages of war. For instance, it was a haven for those fleeing from destruction in other parts of Persia during the invasion of Genghis Khan. It was visited by Marco Polo in 1272, who remarked on the city's fine silk-weaving industry. It briefly served as the capital of the Muzaffarid Dynasty in the fourteenth century, and was unsuccessfully besieged in 1350−1351 by the Injuids under Shaikh Abu Ishaq. The Friday (or Congregation) Mosque, arguably the city's greatest architectural landmark, as well as other important buildings, date to this period. During the Qajar dynasty (18th Century AD) it was ruled by the Bakhtiari Khans. Under the rule of the Safavid (16th century), some people migrated from Yazd and settled in an area which is today on the Iran-Afghanistan border. The settlement, which was named Yazdi, was located in what is now Farah city in the province of the same name in Afghanistan. Even today, people from the area speak with an accent very similar to that of the people of Yazd.

Yazd Main Districts

Sare Dorah

is a neighborhood in the city of Yazd. this neigborhood from north leads to Kooche buick and from south leads to Khorramshah , from Wesr leads to Aharestan and from east leads to Posht Baghi neighborhoods.It's there in the ninth century AD and given its name in historical text of Yazd.


is one of the neighborhood of Yazd. that is from north leads to Abshour neighborhood , from south leads to Ghale kohan, from easet leads to Sar Snag and Yaghoubi neighborhoods and from west leads to Fahadan neighborhood. One of the most prominent monuments in the neighborhood is mosque Malmir or Nomal Amir .


Abshahy is one of the old neighborhoods and populated Yazd. this neighborhood from south leads to Daneshjoo bolevard and Ghasem abad and from north leads to Ayatollah Kashani and Mehdi abad and from west leads to Abar abad and from east leads to Shodaye mehrab. Another name for this neighborhood is Naeem-e Yazd. One reason for naming this neighborhood was its vintage In different historical periods.


Fahadan is one of the oldest and most noble city of Yazd . this neighborhood was one of the lord places to stay in Yazd. this neighborhood from north leads to Koshkeno neighborhood and from east leads to Imam khomeini street and Malmir neighborhood and also from north leads to Zangian neighborhood and from south leads to Shah Abolghasem neighborhood .

Yazd Useful Tips


Best Time To Go

The best time to visit Yazd will be when the average temperatures are at a comfortable level (between 20°C / 68.0°F and 30°C / 86.0°F on average) which is during months May, June, August and September. However, July is also a good time to visit, but a little hotter at 31.4°C / 88.5°F on average. You might also consider visiting Yazd during March, April, October and November when the average temperatures are a little cooler. If you don't mind bringing a coat, you might also enjoy visiting Yazd during January, February and December but average temperatures are fairly cool (between 0°C / 32.0°F and 10°C / 50.0°F).

Local Food

In urban and rural areas and among the tribes of yazd different types of local food can be seen. Out of which we can point out soups, side dishes, broth and different breads, different kinds of Aash, Koofteh Berenji, Khamkoo, Shami Kabab, Shirdaq, Shiriej, Kashkak, Halim Goosht, Qormeh, etc.


Souvenir and Handicraft

Handicraft produced in the province of Yazd is quite unique, some of which are world famous including carpets with charming patterns, pile less carpets, Tirma, brocaded silk, velvet, blankets, bed-cloths, earthenware, engraving, glassware and leather items. Being delicate and beautiful, these handicrafts are perfect souvenirs for anyone visiting this beautiful city. Yazd is also famous for its variety of sweets; the most well-known are Pashmak, Baghlava and Ghotab.

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argejadidyazdhotel, yazd, iran, hotel

Arg Yazd hotel
Yazd Iran

0 reviews

5 star, Arg Jadid Yazd" is located in the first world's city made by adobe; near to one of the ancient places called " Zoroastrian Crypt Mountain ". The hotel has 64 twin rooms, 4 deluxe suits , 2 wedding venues , 2 restaurants and 2 conference halls.

avg/night€90.00 SELECT
fahtadanhotel, yazd, iran,
0 reviews

Fahadan museum in the historic building known as the home of the hotel has been constructed in Tehran, the Qajar era building was built about 250 years ago, the family was to the name of the ancient merchants in the area of ​​carpet and mat are.

avg/night€102.00 SELECT
malek o tojjarhotel, yazd, iran,restaurant
0 reviews

4 star Yazd Malek o-tojjar hotel has been established in the house of the same name. The house belonged to a man named Haji Ali Askar Shirazi one of the oldest merchants of Yazd. He dubbed the King of the traders title from Nasser al-Din Shah, due to his performance in the field of trading.

avg/night€85.00 SELECT
mozaffarhotel, yzad, iran
0 reviews

Muzzafar Traditional Hotel Yazd M in the neighborhood behind the garden of the old buildings, built during the Qajar period for businessman Muzaffar name and more than 200 years old.

avg/night€64.00 SELECT
parsian safaeihotel, yazd, iran,hotel
0 reviews

5 star Yazd Safayieh hotel is located at a persian garden in Yazd Safayieh ( one of the oldest cities of the world) , a four-star hotel under the cover of Safayieh Yazd Company (Private joint - stock company)

avg/night€100.00 SELECT
tehranihotel, yazd, iran, hotel

Tehrani Hotel
Yazd Iran

0 reviews

Tehrani Hotel (1381) has come into operation.The hotel of the same foundation as one of the perfect places to hold wedding ceremony as well as conferences and seminars were introduced.

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Garden Moshir Hotel, yazd, hotel
0 reviews

4 star Moshir-Al-Mamalek’s Garden Hotel with possessing the campus beautiful garden, fountains and water stream and the current Iranian traditional architecture has been transformed one of the tourist attractions of Yazd .

avg/night€86.00 SELECT
lalehhotel, yazd, iran

Yazd Laleh Hotel
Yazd Iran

0 reviews

4 star Yazd Laleh Hotel The hotel located in the heart of city of Yazd and near the shopping centers and historical context has easy access to these places. Hotel suites and rooms in a beautiful and traditional ways of rebuilding and each species has a unique design.

avg/night€80.00 SELECT
sonatiyazdhotel, yazd, iran
0 reviews

Yazd Traditional Hotel old house, located in the heart of the historic fabric of the neighborhood with a Amyrchqmaq and market Yazd Yazd which has been Rashtian times that were home to a prominent family.

avg/night€78.00 SELECT
zanbaghhotel, yzad, iran, hotel

Zanbagh Hotel
Yazd Iran

0 reviews

Zanbagh Hotel Yazd with an area of about 7000 square meters and an area of 15,000 square meters is located on the Boulevard entrance Yazd.

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