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  • Iran
  • Rasht
  • 180 km²
  • +3:30 UTC
  • IRR
  • RAS
  • Persian
  • 639,951

General Information About Rasht

Rasht, capital of Gīilan province, north-central Iran. It lies about 15 miles (24 km) south of the Caspian Sea on a branch of the Sefīd River, where the higher ground merges into the marshlands fringing the Mordāb, or Anzalī (formerly Pahlavī), lagoon. Rasht’s importance as the main city of the Gīlān region dates from Russia’s southward expansion in the 17th century.

History and Culture

Historically Lahijan and Fuman were Gilan’s main centres. Rasht (previously Resht) developed in the 14th century, but the population was massacred in 1668 by the forces of Cossack brigand Stepan ‘Stenka’ Razin who also sank Persia’s entire Caspian navy. The Russians, a constant factor in the region thereafter, were back in 1723 clearing spaces in the then-impenetrable forest to allow Resht’s growth. In 1899 a Russian company cut the road to Qazvin, diminishing Gilan’s isolation from the rest of Iran. By WWI the town boasted 60, 000 inhabitants and four international consulates. From 1917 it was the centre of Kuchuk Khan’s Jangali (‘Forest’) Movement, an Islamic, Robin Hood–style rebellion. Among their grievances with collapsing Qajar Iran was the shah’s perceived sell-out to oil-hungry Britain.

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Courting the Bolsheviks who’d just taken control of Russia, Kuchuk Khan joined forces with communist-agitators and, on 4 June 1920, set up Gilan as the ‘Soviet Socialist Republic of Iran’. However, radical- leftists and land-owning Muslim nationalists made very prickly bedfellows. Once Kuchuk Khan had ejected the infidel communists from his ‘government’, his Russian backers slipped away leaving Gilan prey to the efficient new regime of Reza Khan (later Shah Reza Pahlavi) who’d taken over Persia in a February 1921 coup. Reza Khan first dealt with Azadistan (temporarily independent Tabriz/Azarbayjan) then attacked Gilan. Most of Rasht’s pretty wooden houses were burnt, Kuchuk Khan was executed and his severed head was brought to Tehran for public display. These days any enemy of the Pahlavis has become a friend of the current Islamic Republic. Thus Kuchuk Khan has ridden back into favour on many a horseback statue across Gilan.

Rasht Main Districts


Rudbar with famouus olives is known in Iran as one of the most important and beautiful city of Gilan province are among the beautiful natural landscapes with enough of the rivers and waterfalls and cliffs, and valleys are magnificent. Rudbar is a mountainous region and also is the highest city of Gilan Province. This area of beautiful mountains, valleys parallel to the field of interest, have created a pleasant atmosphere.Horticulture . Rudbar export the olive oil, honey, soap, shoes and leather .


One of the beautiful city of Gilan province is Amlash that remember us Europe's natural landscape . The city of North Langrood, Lahijan and Astaneh Ashrafieh, east of Rudsar, Rudbar south, the west and northwest of the City is limited to Siahkal. The city contains beautiful scenery, rivers, forests, beaches and access to the Caspian Sea and old mosques and historic shrine and tomb of Amlash form part of the city sightseeing.


Golsar is a high-class district with many shops, restaurants, boutiques, and coffee-shops, and is a very popular neighborhood for teenagers and young adults to meet and socialize with peers, particularly on Thursday and Friday nights. The suburb used to be a very small town, which had a chain gate and security guards at its entrance until 1979. During the past couple of decades the demand for housing in Golsar has increased and the area has grown rapidly. It is now the most expensive place in Rasht to purchase a house or apartment.


Astara is one of the most beautiful areas in northern Iran and it is located between the Gilan province and Ardabil. It has a lot of fields and forests and beautiful prospect. Historic places PLavadvyl is one of the most beautiful park in Astara. It is Also a good Bazzar for people. And also Heyran is a part of attractive place in Astara. Industries and Mines Industry and mining city of Astara in the documentary information is available. Agriculture and ranching Astara with the plains area are suitable for agriculture. Agricultural water supply from the river. Astara's agricultural products are , rice, wheat, barley, vegetables, medlar, plum, plum and apple . Ranching is also common but is is more traditional. Appellation and historical background Astara Talshyha words that attempt to "core" or "sluggish" are pronounced. From the Safavid to Qajar era, the area between Anzali and Astara only part of the Aras River, which is now part of Azerbaijan, has been called.Since the Academy was founded in Tehran, Astara in the school called "Sadeghieh school" was opened.

Rasht Useful Information


Best Time To Go

The best time to visit Rasht will be when the average temperatures are at a comfortable level (between 20°C / 68.0°F and 30°C / 86.0°F on average) which is during months June, July, August and September. Other great months to visit Rasht are April, May, October and November when the average temperatures are a little cooler but still between a pleasant 10°C / 50.0°F and 20°C / 68.0°F. If you don't mind bringing a coat, you might also enjoy visiting Rasht during January, February, March and December but average temperatures are fairly cool (between 0°C / 32.0°F and 10°C / 50.0°F).

Local Food

There are a variety of Aash or the traditional type of soup with vegetables, meat and stock such as Aash-e-dooq, Aash-e-kalam, Aash-e-kadu, Aash-e-Gilaki, Aash-e-aloo torsh and ....to name a few. A variety of kababs (grilled meat or poultry) such as Kabab-e-torsh, Seeka kabab, Qaz or Duck kabab, Jujeh or Chicken kabab, Tazeh kabab, Heli kabab, Kabab-e-mahi or Fish kabab etc. Various types of kookoo (or a type of dish having a combination of eggs with vegetables, meat or fish), such as, Kookoo badkubehyi, Kookoo sabzi, Baqla kookoo, Kookoo Gilani, Fish kookoo and .... A wide variety of fish dishes are also on the menu, including many kinds of curry with rice and condiments.


Souvenir and Handicraft

The most famous handicrafts of the province are: wooden articles, hand woven textiles, carpets, jajeems (or a type of loosely woven woolen material), Kilims (or a coarse type of carpet), silk weaves, earthenware and wooden vessels, statues, felt articles, wicker work, bamboo products, crochet articles, cotton fabrics and ....

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