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Kish Island

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  • Iran
  • Kish Island
  • km²
  • +3:30 UTC
  • IRR
  • KIH
  • Persian
  • 1.7 Milion

General Information About Kish Island

Kish Island has a unique situation in the strategic Persian Gulf region among tens of large and small islands. This island is so beautiful and attractive that it has become known as the Pearl of the Persian Gulf since ancient times.Its calm coasts are covered with coral sands that shine in the sunlight, creating a unique and fascinating sight.

History and Culture

Kish has a long history of about 3,000 years, being called under various names such as Kamtina, Arakia, Arakata, and Ghiss in the course of time. In 325 BC, Alexander the Great commissioned Niarkus to set off an expedition voyage into the Sea of Oman and the Persian Gulf. Niarkus's writings indicate that he visited Araracta in the 4th century BC. His descriptions of Araracta precisely match with the characteristics of Kish.

Once again, greatness, ability, creative power, intention, and diligence have appeared in revival of one of the Iranian Traditions. Those who were living on Kish Island tens of centuries ago, with their Iranian inherent intelligence in building aqueducts, underground canal—mostly known as Qanat or Kariz—stroked the coralline layers of Kish Island in search of potable water and were rewarded with "fresh water" or "sweet water" as people say. For centuries afterwards, the sweet water of Kish Island not only relieved the thirst of the local residents, but also, by exporting it to neighboring states, the local residents could swap it with sugar or cash.

Nowadays, the Kish Kariz has changed into a world unique phenomenon. The ancient canal was expanded below the surface of the Kish Island with museums, art galleries, handicraft workshops, traditional and modern tea/coffee shops. The present length of the underground complex is about 3000 meters, and the visitors will have the choice either to walk inside it or to sail in power/pedal boats and see its beauties on board.

It’s beautiful coast is covered with white silvery sand washed by azure blue waves of the sea. Already a famous island, Kish owes its present flourishing to its status as Iran's first and for a long time free port and its sweet water. The island was known for the quality of its pearls; when Marco Polo was visiting the imperial court in China and remarked on the beauty of those worn by one of the Emperor's wives, he was told that they had come from Kish. The island fell into decline in the 14th century when it was supplanted by Hormoz. It remained obscure until just before the victory of the Islamic Revolution, when it was developed as an almost private retreat for the Shah and his privileged guests with its own international airport, palaces, luxury hotels and restaurants, and even a grand casino. Shortly after the Revolution, the new government appointed a very capable team of managers under Kish Free Zone Organization, KFZO, (formerly known as KIDO, Kish Island Development Organization) to establish Kish Island as a free zone by taking advantage of the facilities already existed in place

Kish Main Districts

Ancient Town of Harireh

The ruins of the ancient city of Harireh measure around 120 hectares. This vast area surface tells the tale that a large and prosperous city once existed in this region with a thriving population.What remains of it today is a volume of urban architecture, but rarely will an arch, cover, or ceiling be seen intact, except for a few instances where arched stone ceilings have remained unharmed from the detriments of destruction.

Ancient water cellars

The inhabitants of Kish, in the past, used a kind of traditional storage system to gather rainwater. These storages were dug in the ground and built with a domed roof. With the emergence of water desalination facilities, these storages lost their significance. But their remains are still an interesting site for tourists to visit.

Underground Town of Cariz

The Kish qanat is more than 2,500 years old, and currently it has been converted into an underground town at a depth of 16 meters below the surface, with an area of more than 10,000 sqm. It is amazing to visit for the tourists. In the reconstruction of this qanat named Cariz, spaces have been allocated to handicraft stalls, restaurants and traditional teahouses, amphitheaters, conference centers, and art galleries. Efforts have been made to protect the traditional and historic fabric of the site.

Kish Beaches

The coral beaches of Kish sparkle in the sunlight. This is something, which the sandy beaches of many resort areas around the world do not offer. The seawater near the beach is crystal clear and one can see the bottom of the sea up to a far distance. This is, surely, due to the corals around the island, which purify the water as well as relative to its area, Kish has one of the longest beach stretches. Unlike the crowded beaches elsewhere, the beach here is a relaxing and peaceful place. The fish and other marine life in the coastal waters of Kish are very unique. Visitors lose track of time when watching these species which are easily visible. The best quality edible fish is caught here. The coastal waters of Kish are among the safest in the world. There are no sharks and swimming is totally safe. You can have memorable time, enjoyable sunbathing in the beaches.

Kish Useful Tips


Best Time To Go

Kish Island with spectacular attractions and entertainment venues and annually hosts more than one million domestic and foreign tourists. It is one of the best options for travel to iran. From late June to September, it is very hot and humid weather is to travel to Kish Island. Experience shows that air in winter is very favorable. In late February weather is so good that he could even dip and swam in the Persian Gulf.

Local Food

More Kish's food exactly in India they consume foods. that not only food but also local bread dressing are all Hindi like biryani, Havari , Fatir bread, Kloky bread, Circle Bread, Pakura, Zoolbia, bread Prata.


Souvenir and Handicraft

The acquitted himself well and weaving, traditional instruments, ornaments, traditional wood industries, mosaics, pottery, , leather embroidered with gold and precious stones The painting plaster pastel, antimony embroidered with gold, brocade weaving, tiles, hook weaving and shell handicrafts including Kish is considered to be Handicrafts sea: Shell Shell in ports and coastal beaches found near rural areas are made of elegant materials. The souvenirs can be in a variety of seafood, dates and citrus fruits also have pointed out that the high reputation.

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aramishotel, kish, iran

Aramis Hotel
Kish Island Iran

0 reviews

Aramis Kish Hotel is near Markets Pardis,a beautiful and new hotel with good facilities, travelers will be experiencing a delightful journey of Aramis kish Hotel. Convenience in booking Aramis Kish hotel.

avg/night€98.00 SELECT
Dariushhotel, kish, iran, hotel

Dariush Grand Hotel
Kish Island Iran

0 reviews

5 star ,Dariush Grand Hotel of Kish inspired by Persepolis in ancient Persia during the Achaemenid symbolically represents honor and dignity. a unique feature of the Dariush Grand hotel is beautiful and the world's great ancient culture and civilization of a great nation.

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Iranhotel, kish, iran

Hotel Iran
Kish Island Iran

0 reviews

5 star Kish International Hotel Iran began its activity in 1375 and 1384, the construction of new buildings and renovated began and almost 8 years. The hotel is currently building two separate towers on the ground floor and the seventh to be linked together.

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marinahotel, kish, iran, hotel

Marina Park
Kish Island Iran

0 reviews

Five Star Hotel Marina Park Marina Hotel is located in the most beautiful part of the Kish island. This hotel is located in an area more than 10 acres diverse plants and attractive fountains making it distinguished in the island.

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maryamsorinethotel, kish, iran, hotel

Maryam Sorinet Hotel
Kish Island Iran

0 reviews

4 star, Maryam Sorinet hotel in March 1390 joined the hotel group Sorinet. Two months after the transfer, of Persian date Ordibehesht 1391 renovations began and on 12 November 1392 were utilized.

avg/night€210.00 SELECT
Parmishotel, kish, iran, hotel

Parmis Hotel
Kish Island Iran

0 reviews

5 star,Parmis Kish hotels with exceptional position in the squre of pardis and the markets second parmish,in Kish Island is ready to welcome dear guests.

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sadafsorinethotel, kish, iran

Sadaf Sorinet Hotel
Kish Island Iran

0 reviews

Sadaf KishHotel based on international standards, over 15 thousand square meters of land with 54 rooms and 140 beds, adjacent to major commercial centers island and opposite the island of Kish International University came into operation in 1381(J).

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shayanhotel, kish, iran, hotel

Shayan Hotel
Kish Island Iran

0 reviews

5 star,Shayan hotel, luxurious hotel and with good facilities accommodation in the best position of island and close to the beach and Beautiful Kish Island markets.With buffet breakfast, transfer to the market ,airport transfer.Comfort and convenience with Booking Shayan Hotel.

avg/night€170.00 SELECT
shayganhotel, kish, iran, hotel

Shayega Hotel
Kish Island Iran

0 reviews

4 star,Shayegan hotel Hotel with rooms overlooking to the waters of the Persian Gulf and the floors were stained by various of guests satisfaction are learn more from this hotel.

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Iran Scuba Diving in 10 Days 01/01/2016 - 03/15/2016

per person€1500.00
  • Tehran>Qeshm>Kish>Tehran
  • Paradise islands of Kish and Qeshm
  • Persian-Gulf Diving
  • Snorkeling and scuba diving