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kerman, iran kerman, kerman iran, iran
  • Iran
  • Kerman
  • 180,726 km
  • +3:30 UTC
  • IRR
  • KER
  • Persian
  • 2.9 Million

General Information About Kerman

Kerman is the capital city of Kerman province. It is the largest and most developed city in the Kerman Province and the most important city in South-East Iran.Kerman is one of the five historical cities of Iran. From the industrial, political, cultural and scientific points of view, it is the most important city in the southeast of Iran. Kerman is very famous for its long history and strong cultural heritage.

History and Culture

Kerman was founded as a defensive outpost, with the name Behdesīr, by Ardeshir I, founder of the Sassanid Empire, in the 3rd century AD. After the Battle of Nahāvand in 642, the city came under Muslim rule. At first the city's isolation allowed Kharijites and Zoroastrians to thrive there, but the Kharijites were wiped out in 698, and the population was mostly Muslim by 725. Already in the eighth century the city was famous for its manufacture of cashmere wool shawls and other textiles. The Abbasid Caliphate's authority over the region was weak, and power passed in the tenth century to the Buyid dynasty, which maintained control even when the region and city fell to Mahmud of Ghazna in the late tenth century. The name Kerman was adopted at some point in the tenth century.

Kerman was under the Seljuk Turks in the 11th and 12th centuries, but remained virtually independent, conquering Oman and Fars. When Marco Polo visited the city in 1271 it had become a major trade emporium linking the Persian Gulf with Khorasan and Central Asia. Subsequently, however, the city was sacked many times by various invaders. Kerman expanded rapidly during the Safavid Dynasty. Carpets and rugs were exported to England and Germany during this period. In 1793 Lotf Ali Khan defeated the Qajars and in 1794 captured Kerman. But soon, he was besieged in Kerman for six months by Agha Mohammad Khan. When the city fell to Agha Mohammad Khan, angered by the popular support that Lotf Ali Khan had received, all the male inhabitants were killed or blinded, and a pile was made out of 20,000 detached eyeballs and poured in front of the victorious Agha Muhammad Khan. The women and children were sold into slavery, and the city was destroyed over ninety days. The present city of Kerman was rebuilt in the 19th century to the northwest of the old city, but the city did not recover to its former size until the 20th century.

Kerman Main Districts

Masjed Malek

Masjed Malek

Malek Mosque is the oldest neighborhood of the city of Kerman . The neighborhood is bounded by: From the north to the Bazaar Vakil and Part of the neighborhood Shah Adil and From the East to the streets Mirza Reza Kermani and And from the south to Motahari Avenue (Ahmadi) and And from the West to the Ali Abad district or the castle Mahmoud Abad. The neighborhood with a long history that dates back to a time of political and social economic and most prosperous neighborhoods of the city of Kerman.

Bazaar Aziz

This neighborhood from north to neighborhood green dome. From the East to the neighborhood of the city, from south to Shariati Street and Haj Ali and from the West to the that was northern market in the old city of Kerman.

Gonbad Sabz

In the vicinity of the 'Baq-e-Gonbad Sabz', which is a small garden to the east of the city, are three relics dating to the 8th century AH. This vicinity is reputedly known as Darvazeh Kashan and so too its domes. According to inscriptions two of these are the tombs of ancient commanders from the Ali Safi household in the 8th century AH, and the third dome is also of the same period according to historical records. The inhabitants of Qom take these three structures to be the tombs of Sa'ad, Saeid and Masoud', great Arab personalities, who enlivened Qom in the Islamic era.

Khajeh Khezr

Khajeh Khezr district very old place that is home to many historical sites. In 1358, a year after the victory of the Islamic Revolution by the faithful and from the reconstruction of the mosque was completed .nmahay exterior of the mosque has been entirely decorated with tiles and mosque has a special beauty to the interior of the mosque as well as in the past .hyat Beautiful and put the small pond in the middle of a nice view to the mosque is a mosque .mhrab almost like the old altar is decorated to preserve the authenticity of the mosque, as well as interior decoration and decorative tiled dome of the mosque as well .

Kerman Useful Tips


Best Time To Go

With the coming of autumn, the best season for tourism desert, desert provinces of the country prepared for the reception of ecotourism. Kerman is a major part of the Lut desert wonders care. Mythical city of Clute, the world's highest sand pyramids, 40 Quaternary volcanic cones, large areas of gravel and sand with light brown to gray and black color spectrum like "gunpowder Godard", basaltic lava craters, such as "roasted wheat," wavy sandy zones, world's largest Nbkahay (dunes covered with vegetation), highest Rbdvha (large salt pots), Pashtry desert (of the type of ground it seems too wet after rainfall and a few camels walked on it) and Hamada (plains of sand) Lvtand plain is salty and unique surprises.

Local Food

Kerman has a variety of local foods and souvenirs and a lot like Bozqhormeh, meko, Kolompeh, Komach and Abgarmoo that are of interest to tourists and people with different tastes they like.


Souvenir and Handicraft

The handicrafts and souvenirs of the province of Kerman are as follows: A traditional embroidery known as patteh, carpets, rugs, jajeems, Kilims (a coarse carpet), satchels, and other hand woven articles. Caraway seeds and pistachio of Rafsanjan and Kerman are best of the main items of this province.

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  • The cradle of civilization
  • Mixture of ancient sites and samples of Islamic arts
  • Architecture, spiced with the rich culture