Qezel Ozan River finds its source in the mountains of Kurdistan, and meandering through the winter residing quarters (Qishlaq) of the Afshar terrain, finds its way to the suburbs of Khoda Bandeh. Thereby entering Zanjan province. Qezel Ozan forms a part of the two rivers that combine to form the Sefid Rood River, flows eastwards between the mountains of Talesh and the mountain ranges to the north of Zanjan. Near Manjeel it joins the Shahrood Hezar Rood, thereby taking the name of Sefid Rood, which now increases in water-flow, proceeds north. Ultimately flowing into the Sea of Mazandaran. Needless to say, the banks of the Qezel Ozan River form a wonderful site and is one of the noted leisure spots in Zanjan province.