Naqsh e Rajab , on the old Shiraz–Isfahan road and is worth a quick look. Four fine Sassanian bas-reliefs are hidden from the road by the folds of a rocky hill and depict various scenes from the reigns of Ardashir I and Shapur the Great. On the right of the god, under a canopy, are the queen and a lady-in-waiting, and two children are shown between the king and the god. On the left of this relief is the picture of a beardless dignitary who is holding up his right hand as a sign of respect; beside him is an inscription in Pahlavi. The second relief shows King Shapur I on horseback. He is followed by a group of nobles and a procession of foot-soldiers. One of the four figures in the front row is king Hormuzd I, the heir-apparent. The third relief shows the Investiture of Shapur1.Both the king and the god Ahura Mazda, who is giving him the royal symbol, are on horseback. On the breast of the royal horse there is an inscription in Sassanian Pahlavi and in Greek.