Kermanshah, Takieh Moaven-ol Molk

Kermanshah owes its name, the Town of the King of Kerman, to the fact that it was founded in 390 A.D by Bahram IV, who had been governor of Kerman before he ascended the Sasanian throne. It possesses a noticeable building (1898), the tomb and takieh of Moaven-ol Molk, a Qajar complex standing in the middle of the town near a stream. The interior is a riot of tile-work, especially noteworthy being pictures of Moaven-ol Molk Preaching (in the entrance court), of animals and mystical emblems (in the takieh court) and in the dome chamber a fine series of portraits of Kings throughout the ages and a representation of scenes from the life of the Prophet in nineteenth-century garb, with decapitated enemies piled in horizontal rows.

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