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Gajereh Grand HotelTehran Iran

Gajereh hotel located in Dizin that Iran is one of the best ski resorts. The hotel consists of three sets Nasim , Saba and Sadaf


Tochal HotelTehran Iran

Tochal Hotel in Ski Resort Tehran cold in 7-8 months due to its great height, ski enthusiasts from all over


Sheikh Bahai hotelIsfahan Iran

Sheikh Bahai hotel adjacent to the beautiful and historic street dating back four hundred years Chahar Bagh Abbasi as one of the most central streets of the country half the known world, is.


Atigh Traditional HotelIsfahan Iran

Atigh traditional hotel related to the Qajar period, and on 23 Shahrivar, 1382 Bashmarh 10226 registered as a national Azasar has been registered.


Tabriz International HotelTabriz Iran

Beautiful and four-star international hotel in Tabriz belongs to the private sector in one of the best places in the city is located.


Shahryar International HotelTabriz Iran

5-star Shahriyar hotel is located in the begining of El Goli in an area of hospitable climate. Equipped with modern facilities and enjoying international standards, hotel came into operation in 2007. Shahriyar hotel is proud to provide services according to the latest international standards.


shiraz Persian hotelShiraz Iran

This four-star hotel was opened in the early seventies and solar, is located in Rudaki Avenue, which is full of hotels. As the name suggests, the hotel under the Corp Hotels Group is a large and luxurious hotels in the country to be handled.


Karim khan HotelShiraz Iran

Karim Khan Hotel in Shiraz beautiful three-star hotel is located in Rudaki Avenue.


Muzzafar Traditional HotelYazd Iran

Muzzafar Traditional Hotel Yazd M in the neighborhood behind the garden of the old buildings, built during the Qajar period for businessman Muzaffar name and more than 200 years old.


Fahadan Museum HistoricYazd Iran

Fahadan museum in the historic building known as the home of the hotel has been constructed in Tehran, the Qajar era building was built about 250 years ago, the family was to the name of the ancient merchants in the area of ​​carpet and mat are.


Maryam Sorinet HotelKish Island Iran

4 star, Maryam Sorinet hotel in March 1390 joined the hotel group Sorinet. Two months after the transfer, of Persian date Ordibehesht 1391 renovations began and on 12 November 1392 were utilized.


Shayega HotelKish Island Iran

4 star,Shayegan hotel Hotel with rooms overlooking to the waters of the Persian Gulf and the floors were stained by various of guests satisfaction are learn more from this hotel.



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