Ardabil, Tomb of sheikh safi, chini-Khaneh

Ardabil’s chief claim to fame is the fact that was the cradle of the Safavid, the descendants of Sheikh Safi-od Din (1252-1334), the famous mystic. The theocratic community established in the city gave rise- at the beginning of the 16 the century- to the dynasty founded by Shah Ismail. The Mausoleum of Sheikh Safi is […]

Kamar Dogh Falls

The woven hairs of Kamar Dogh falls running down the rocks looks like a mother’s grey hair moving this side and that side smoothly by the blow of a mild breeze rocks of the cascade bed are so high, as if, falling down droplets get tired and lack roaring and groaning of other falls and […]

Tange Tamoradi Cascade

On the way from Yasuj to sepidar a bit down from Tamoradi strait, roaring of water shakes your heart. By the water fall fine droplets of water, after the cascade water strikes the neighboring rocks, grooms one’s cheeks thousands of times more delicate than rain drops and creates a peerless calmness in one’s body and […]


The holy book of Zoroastrianism is the Avesta, a compilation of traditions that scholars concede to be original at least in part. The avesta consisted of twenty –one books, but we possess only one of these (the Vendidad) together with a few fragments from others; the Visperad (sacrificial litanies), and the yasna. Long before Christianity […]

Nishabur, Tomb of Omar Khayyam

Born between 1038 and 1048, living until about 1125 , this poet become the best known, if not the only known, representative of oriental poetry for the west. Khayyam was a Persian poet, mathematician, and astronomer, renowned in his own country and time for his scientific achievements but known to English–speaking readers for his Rubaiyat […]

Isfahan Fire Temple, Pre-Islamic Structure

This is a most historical monument, indicative of the prosperous days of Isfahan before Islam. Some researchers believe this monument was built over the foundation of a construction left from ancient times. According to the latest research by archaeologists, the antiquity of this fire temple dates back to the Elamite civilization, even before the arrival […]

Bibi Hakimeh shrine

Those with bereaved hearts are always eager to reach their lost beloved. The shrine is a shelter for those with bereaved hearts eager to visit their heart- grooming fear one, Shiites, eighth Imam’s sister. Words can’t explain what one sees and feel’s there. One should go and see magnificence and calmness of the shrine. One […]

Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad

Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad province with an area of 15504.073 square is located in south-west of Iran and is know as four season land. According to the latest census, 658624 people are living in this province. People in this province speak in sweet lori dialect, location middle zagros mount in this […]


Kouhsar This city is located in 85 km from south of Ardabil, between Ardabil and Khalkhal, surrounded by Baghroo and Gil Dagh mountains. It’s main rivers are Sangharchi, Arpachai and Gavichai. Its production includes honey, silkworm and dairy products and its agricultural products include grain, grass and fruits. Handicrafts include carpet, wool shawl and durries […]

  • Sarein, Ardabil, Lets go persia
  • Sarein, Ardabil, Lets go persia
  • Sarein, Ardabil, Lets go persia
  • Sarein, Ardabil, Lets go persia


Sareyn is located in 28 km. west of Ardabil and in north-eastern foothill of Sablan mountain. This city was very important in ancient time for its rock-ribbed architecture and archaeological signs in the city and suburbs. Nowadays, there are 12 hot springs and numerous residential area. Sareyn means spring in Farsi dictionary. Tourist Attractions and […]